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Packing Tips and Hints

We are two weeks out and hopefully you have begun some serious planning. It can be daunting and overwhelming at times but there are a lot of great articles on the web for people who are attending Le Dîner en Blanc for the first time--which would be almost all of us! Some really important things to remember for our event include:

  • If you have rented your table and chairs (and a lot of you have!), you will still need to bring some sort of handcart or carrier to help move your table and chairs from the bus parking area (where you will pick it up) to the event site. You will be walking 300-400 feet. Don't forget to put tape, ribbon or some sort of marker on your carrier so you can distinguish it from all the others.

  • You will also need bungee cords to secure your stuff. Not one or two but several. They need to be crisscrossed so stuff doesn't fall off.

  • Speaking of walking, we really, really advise flat (or at least low-heel) shoes. If you must do heels, bring them to put on at the site. Even if you're used to walking in heels, we will be on a variety of surfaces so take heed.

  • Be sure to pack a small flashlight. It will be dark when it's time to pack everything up and a little light makes all the difference in the world. 

Borrowing from Shannon Qualls packing list, here are some must-have items:

  • 1 folding table 28″ -32″ (square) We bought this one but would recommend finding one that you can fit your legs under because it can be a bit uncomfortable (especially for those with long legs!)

  • 2 folding chairs (white) or buy white slipcovers to go over them. We saw someone take white lawn chairs, but I imagine that would have been bit uncomfortable to carry

  • 1 white tablecloth (linen)

  • 2 white dinner plates (not paper or plastic)

  • 2 white napkins

  • 2 sets of utensils (not plastic)

  • 2 glasses (not paper or plastic)

  • Lighter for the sparklers

  • 1 wine opener if you are drinking wine (only the Bordeaux require a corkscrew)

  • Trash bag to collect your trash and take off site with you to the dumpster

  • Food and drinks

  • White attire

  • Camera (a high quality one will get you better pictures then what I have. Mine were iPhone photos…okay, but not great)

  • Something to pack it all in (we used a large tub, insulated bag and dolly with bungee cords)

  • Rolling cart/wagon/dolly and bungee cords/rolling suitcase, etc. for getting your stuff around easily

  • Drivers License or other photo ID

  • Registration paper printed out

  • Receipts for food, wine and rentals.

  • A good attitude! It’s going to be a little nuts but it will calm down and the night will be awesome!

The last bullet is the most important! We can't wait to see you!

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